Courses at the Library of Congress are open to all Information Sciences students.

Library Privileges
Students are not granted special library privileges. User cards can be obtained at the reader registration station in Room LM140 of the Madison Building by presenting a driver's license or passport and completing a brief self-registration process.

Other Information
Maps, Directions, etc.

University Closings
In the event of a closure at the Library of Congress, Catholic University classes held there will also be canceled. See the complete policy on university closings.

University Holidays
In case of different holiday dates between Catholic University and a distance location, follow the Catholic University schedule unless otherwise notified by your instructor. Scheduled class cancellations at Catholic University can be found on the academic calendar.

Catholic University ID Card
As Catholic University students, everyone enrolled in courses at the Library of Congress is entitled to a Catholic University ID card (Cardinal Card). They are not strictly required for study at distance locations. They are required, however, for study on Catholic University's campus. These cards also give students access to Mullen Library and provide admittance to university events open only to students. They may also be required to access off campus libraries (e.g. George Mason University Libraries). To find out more about the Cardinal Card, visit 

Title IV Disclosure Requirements
Title IV requires institutions participating in financial aid programs to disclose specified information to all prospective students. Please see the following page for the required information: