Retention Rate and Degrees Granted
Year Retention Rate

# of MSLIS Degrees Granted

2015-2016 63%


2016-2017 66%


2017-2018 81% 26
2018-2019 73% 35
2019-2020 59% 35
2020-2021 68% 36
2021-2022 72.4% 31
2022-2023 78% 29


Number of Active Students Enrolled in Classes During Spring Semesters
Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Number 97 84 89 96 89 91 75 50 70

A majority of students (90%) are part-time students coming from mainly Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas. Many of our current students (73%) are also employed in the LIS field before graduation according to a current student survey conducted in April 2019. Our recent alumni survey reveals that 67% of graduates obtained their professional position within 6 months of graduation.  According to results of a survey of 2017 LIS graduates (31 graduates), 40% of respondents were employed in a government library (state or federal government agency). The average salary for eight respondents is $65,455.50 annually. 

The M.S.L.I.S program of the Catholic University of America conducts a number of assessments and evaluations of student learning and program quality. A set of evaluation sources include the following:

  • An Annual Key Assessment based on the comprehensive examination. The program also gathers assessments of student learning outcomes in the 4 core courses.
  • A Job Placement Survey provides employment status and career development of recent graduates.
  • A Current Student Survey provides immediate feedback from current students and their satisfaction with various elements of the program.
  • An Exit Survey given to all students as they graduate from the program
  • Alumni and Employer Surveys are used to gather feedback about the program from both the alumni and employer's perspectives..

Annual Key Assessments (based on the comprehensive examination)

Comprehensive Examination Results (.pdf)

Job Placement Reports

2021 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)
2020 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)
2019 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)
2018 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)
2017 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)
2016 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)

Current Student Survey Reports

Current Student Survey Report 2023.(pdf)
Current Student Survey Report 2022 (.pdf)
Current Student Survey Report 2021 (.pdf)

Current Student Survey Report 2020 (.pdf)
Current Student Survey Report 2019 (.pdf)
Current Student Survey Report 2018 (.pdf)
Current Student Survey Report 2017 (.pdf)

Graduate Exit Survey Reports

Exit Survey Report 2021-2022 (.pdf)
Exit Survey Report 2020-2021 (.pdf)

Exit Survey Report 2019-2020 (.pdf)
Exit Survey Report 2018-2019 (.jpg)
Exit Survey Report 2017-2018 (.jpg)
Exit Survey Report 2016-2017 (.pdf)

Alumni & Employers Survey Reports

Alumni Survey Report 2022 (.pdf)
Employer Survey Report 2021 (.pdf)  
Alumni Survey Report 2018 (.pdf)
Employer Survey Report 2018 (.jpg)
Alumni Survey Report 2014 (.pdf)