The M.S.L.I.S program is designed to achieve a set of program objectives that provides the basis for the learning outcomes assessment efforts. The program conducts a number of assessments and evaluations of student learning and program quality. A set of assessments of student learning include the following:

  • The first of these assessments is the Annual Key Assessment based on the comprehensive examination. The program also gathers assessments of student learning outcomes in the 4 core courses.

  • The second assessment is a survey given to all recent graduates. A Job Placement Survey provides employment status and career development of recent graduates.

  • The third assessment is a survey given to all current students. A Current Student Survey provides immediate feedback from current students and their satisfaction with various elements of the program.

  • The fourth assessment is an Exit Survey given to all students as they graduate from the program. The exit survey gives the program immediate feedback on aspects of the program.

  • The fifth assessment is a survey of alumni and their employers. These Alumni and Employer Surveys are used to gather feedback about the program from both the alumni and employer's perspectives.

Annual Key Assessments (based on the comprehensive examination)

Comprehensive Examination Results (.pdf)

Job Placement Reports

2018 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)
2017 Job Placement Data of Recent Graduates (.pdf)

Current Student Survey Reports

Current Student Survey Report 2018 (.pdf)
Current Student Survey Report 2017 (.pdf)

Graduate Exit Survey Reports

Exit Survey Report 2017-2018 (.jpg)
Exit Survey Report 2016-2017 (.pdf)

Alumni & Employers Survey Reports

Alumni Survey Report 2018 (.pdf)
Employer Survey Report 2018 (.jpg)
Alumni Survey Report 2014 (.pdf)