Information technology forms an essential infrastructure for work in all academic disciplines and professional fields, as well as daily life. The Minor in Information Technology will help students develop an understanding of the concepts surrounding these systems.

Courses prepare the student to:

  • Apply the principles of systems thinking, design, and management to the analysis and development of information systems
  • Integrate knowledge of human needs and human information behavior into the design and development of information systems
  • Specify and code computer applications to manage information and meet information needs


The minor in information technology requires six courses. One is required, and eight additional electives are offered, of which the student must complete five. The courses are designed to introduce systems thinking, explore the role information and communications technologies in contemporary society, and add depth to understanding by enabling students to experience the application of technologies to societal and organizational problems.

The courses offered include:

Required Course:

  • LSC 255: Introduction to Information Systems*

Elective Courses (select 5 courses from the list):

  • LSC 322: Digital Content Creation and Management
  • LSC 325: User Interface Design and Evaluation
  • LSC 327: Introduction to Data Science
  • LSC 335: Human Information Behavior
  • LSC 350: Information Architecture and Web Design*
  • LSC 354: Database Design and Management (or MGT 331 Database Management or CSC 442 Introduction to Database Management)
  • LSC 452: Design and Production of Multimedia
  • LSC 453: Programming for Web Applications (or CSC 409 Web Design and Programming)
  • LSC 456: Systems Analysis and Evaluation (or MGT 347 Systems Analysis)
  • LSC 563: Data Visualization (contact department at for permission to register)
  • LSC 565 Data on the Web (contact department at for permission to register)
  • MGT 240: Management of Information

*Course available online or face-to-face
†Online course

Note: Students may substitute one course with permission of their major academic advisor and the IT minor faculty advisor.

Faculty advisor: Dr. Sue Yeon Syn. Email:

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