The Department of Library and Information Science has developed an Accreditation Steering Committee and five Standards Committees to fully address all aspects of the accreditation process. The membership of each committee reflects our community – alumni, students, adjuncts, employers – in addition to full-time faculty.

Accreditation Steering Committee

An Accreditation Steering Committee (ASC) has been established to guide the development of the Program Presentation and to advise the Standards Committees on matters relating to the completion of the Self-Study.  The ASC is chared by the LIS Department Chair, Dr. Youngok Choi, who has appointed the other committee members in consultation with the full-time faculty. Other members of the ASC include Sung Un Kim (Associate Professor); Sue Yeon Syn (Associate Professor); and Cynthia Sanders (Associate Dean for Assessment, School of Arts and Sciences)

The ASC is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Review the LIS mission, goals, and MLIS program objectives; 
  • Suggest methods for gathering feedback and input from constituents the program seeks to serve;
  • Coordinates the work of the five Standards Committees with regard to the content and interim deadlines for completing the Self-Study;
  • Consult with the LIS Advisory Board on the development of the Self-Study and oversee the feedback and input of the program's constituents; 
  • Review draft versions of the Plan and the Self-Study. 


Standards Committees

Standards Committees (SC) for each of the five standards have also been formed and report to the ASC. The SCs membership is comprised of LIS full-time and adjunct faculty, staff, students, alumni, practitioners, and other constituencies, where appropriate. The SC members are charged with the following responsibilities for their assigned Standard: 

  • Analyze the sources of evidence used to demonstrate compliance with the Standards;
  • Review chapter drafts of the Self-Study and provide feedback and input to inform development to the chapters; and
  • Articulate where and how LIS can strengthen, refine, and improve. 
Standard Committee I: Systematic Planning
  • Chair: Dr. Youngok Choi, LIS Ordinary Professor and Department Chair
  • Members: Dr. Sung Un Kim, Dr. Sue Yeon Syn (LIS Associate Professor); Dr. Sandra Barrueco, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, School of Arts and Sciences; Shachar K. Cavanagh, current LIS student
Standard Committee II: Curriculum
  • Co-chairs: Dr. Sung Un Kim, LIS Associate Professor; Dr. Sue Yeon Syn, LIS Associate Professor
  • Members: Dr. Youngok Choi, LIS Ordinary Professor and Department Chair; Suzanne Joseph, current LIS student; Madeline Davis, Adjunct & Alum

Standard Committee III: Faculty

  • Chair: Dr. Sung Un Kim, LIS Associate Professor
  • Members: Dr. Youngok Choi, LIS Ordinary Professor and Department Chair; Dr. Sue Yeon Syn, LIS Associate Professor; Jim Gillispie, LIS Adjunct Instructor and Head, Access Services, and GIS and Data Services, Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University; Dr. Caroline Sherman, Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean for Faculty

Standard Committee IV: Students

  • Chair: Dr. Sue Yeon Syn, LIS Associate Professor
  • Members: Dr. Sung Un Kim, LIS Associate Professor; Dr. Youngok Choi, LIS Ordinary Professor and Department Chair; Theresa Balick, current LIS student; Emily Swain, Alumi

Standard Committee V: Administration, Finances, and Resources

  • Chair: Dr. Youngok Choi, LIS Ordinary Professor and Department Chair
  • Members: Erin Niday, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration; LIS Staff

External Review Panel Committee Members

Role: Serve in the collegial process of peer review by participating in the site visit, analyzing the Self-Study and sources of evidence, meeting with the program’s constituents, and completing the ERP Report.

  • Chair: Prudence Dalrymple, Teaching Professor, Health Informatics (retired), Drexel University