Schedules of courses offered by the Department of Library and Information Science can be found on this page. 

Notes re Summer 2021 Schedule

  1. Comps will be held July 9-12. Add/drop is May 20.
  2. LSC 637, Government Data & Information with Prof. Jim Gillisipie has been canceled.
  3. Visions of Italy will not run this summer.
  4. A glitch in Cardinal Students renders asynchronous class times as "TBA" - but there  is no meeting time scheduled for asynchronous classes. It is not TBA. Sometimes an instructor will schedule a synchronous meeting, if there is full agreement among the students. 

Notes re Fall 2021 Schedule

  1. Comps will be held October 15-18.
  2. There will only be one session of LSC 557. It will be asynchronous online and may include some real-time sessions.