Keynote Address

Bridging the Spectrum: American Library Association
Jim Rettig, President, ALA


E.J. Josey: A Transformative Leader in the Modern Library Profession
Renate Chancellor

What Do Exploratory Searchers Look at in a Faceted Search Interface?
Bill Kules, Robert Capra, Matthew Banta, Tito Sierra

“Google Universe: How to Make the Most of Your Students’ Favorite Resource”
Edward O’Donnell, Ryan Shepard

The Prism of Visual Literacy for Archivists
Elizabeth A. Keefe

Beyond IM, Email, and Texting: Real Time Global Interactions without Leaving Home
Barbara (Barb) J. Mann, Julie Arnold

PANEL: Bridging the Divide: The Archivist as Interpreter, Researcher, and Writer; Emerging Scholars in the Field
Mary Edsall Choquette (Moderator), Michael Karabinos, Erin McKinney

Accessibility Issues with Wikis and other Web 2.0 Technologies
K. Eileen Cannon Boswell

Henriette Avram: a pioneer in information science
Joan Lussky

Analyzing Image Searching on the Web: Case Study-Undergraduates' Searching for Visual Information
Youngok Choi

Embedded Librarians: a 21st Century Organizational Model
Mary Talley and David Shumaker

Creative Commons
Gretchen Sauvey

Present & Future of tech in spec libs
James King

Digital Audio for the Blind
MaryBeth Wise, Kurt Cylke, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee


Alice's Adventures in LibQual-land
Kitty Tynan

Careers in Electronic Publishing
Maria Ziemer, Beth Reiten

The future of bibliographic control: FRBR, RDA, and DCMI
Karen E. White, Youngok Choi

Challenges and Changes in U. S. Embassy Libraries around the World
Jean Cavanaugh, Barbara Conaty

The Unexpected Pot of Gold: Using Pro-Show Gold Software for Children's and YA Programming in School Media Centers, Public Libraries, Museums, and Historical Organizations
Sally Sims Stokes

Achieving Heaven Through Collaboration and Persistence: Go Local
Elaine Sullo, Jeanne Larsen

Legislative History: Overview and Summer Project
Kera Manion, Mimi Vollstedt

Using Diversity for Outreach, Community Education, and Network
Cristina Dominguez Ramirez

Creating a Interactive Learning Tutorial on a Budget
Megan A. Davis, Kee-Young Moon

The Information Product:Commercial Database Development in the AARP Research Information Center
Allison Jai O'Dell

Digital Scholarship@CUA: Developing an Institutional Repository for the CUA Community
Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, CUA Scholarly Communication Project Team

World Religion: Arranged in Harmony
El Shaddai Gebreyes

Providing On-the-Fly Subject Heading Suggestions to Improve Information
Kristen Fredericksen

Papyrus conservation
Monica Blanchard

International invisible colleges
Karen Marsh King

Lost & Found: Mystery solving
Tiffany Smith

Suddenly Online
Tim Steelman

Systems Development Life Cycle
Maria Koshute, Sarah New, Adam Day, Jennifer McDaniel, Bill Kules

Documenting the Spectrum: The SLIS Alumni Oral History Program; an Exhibition
Mary Edsall Choquette