Group 1

Developing a Collection Project of the Inca Empire 
Yuri Casas, Emporia State University

Digitizing Islamic Arabic Manuscripts from Harar, Ethiopia
Anna Wiljer, The Catholic University of America

Impact Studies in Continuing Education for the Archival Profession
Chaeyeon Kim, Upstate Medical University

Murals of the D.C. Suburbs, Creating and Sustaining a Digital Collection
Emily Swain, The Catholic University of America

Group 2

More than a Social Coding Platform: GitHub's Diverse Application for Library & Information Science
Annette Nakshbendi, The Catholic University of America

Artificially Unintelligent: How Radical Biases Impact A.I. and Search Algorithm Results for Students and Scholars in Library and Information Science
Ari Hilliard, The Catholic University of America

Hein, U.S. News, and How to Increase Citations
Melanie Knapp & Rob Willey, George Mason University Law Library

Group 3

The Challenges of Inaccessible References
Austin Williams, Georgetown University Law Center

Literary Spaces Becoming Home: Learning their Stories and Ending Poverty
Christopher Stewart, District of Columbia Public Schools

Let's Get Radical! Converting a Guest Lecture Series to a Themed Public Symposium
Semhar Yohannes & Susan Graham, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)