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Statement of Academic Freedom
Academic Policies Handbook
School of Arts & Sciences: Important Information for Graduate students

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Policy Information Related Forms
Course Load
Grading Grade Change/Disposition of Incomplete (.pdf) - for faculty to record final status of incomplete
Incompletes Request for Incomplete (.pdf) - request a grade of "incomplete" for a specific class
Academic Leave Academic Leave Form - required to interrupt course of study for a stated period not exceeding 1 year. (Students are not required to take summer classes; use form if not attending spring and/or fall only.)
Transfer of Credit/Waiver of Core Courses Transfer of Credit/Waiver of Core Courses (.pdf) - request transfer of credit/waive core courses from another institution
Previous Graduate Degree Exemption A student who holds one or more accredited graduate degrees when admitted to the school will be automatically exempt from six semester credit hours.


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Course Related

Policy Information Related Forms
Comprehensive Exams Comprehensive Examination Checklist  - required form to register for comps

Request for Accommodations (.pdf)- request special accommodations relating to physical or learning disabilities

Diploma Application - this form is found in Cardinal Station needed to ensure your name will appear on your diploma as you would like it to. Please submit the form through the link in your Cardinal Students account. A diploma will not be provided to you if this form is not provided in a timely way.
Independent Study Independent Study Contract (.pdf) - required form to register for an independent study
Practicum (LSC 695A) 695A Request for Enrollment - request for enrollment in LIS practicum

695A Evaluation (.pdf) - evaluation of practicum experience
School Library Media Practicum (LSC 695B) 695B Request for Enrollment - request for enrollment in School Library Media Practicum


Policy Information Related Forms
Laptop or Equipment Borrowing Laptop or Equipment Request Form
Technical Requirements

Baseline Technology Requirements

Tuition and Financial Aid

Policy Information Related Forms
Rovelstad Scholarship Rovelstad Scholarship Agreement Form (.pdf) - permits the Rovelstad Scholarship Committee to access your financial aid records at Catholic University


Policy Information Related Forms
Student Employment - Confidentiality Agreement Catholic University Confidentiality Agreement
Student Representative Guidelines LIS Student Representative Guidelines (.docx)

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