Lauren HesterMs. Lauren Hester has demonstrated outstanding intellectual abilities and communication skills at CUA. She served as the AGLISS Newsletter LISten Editor from Summer 2016 to Summer 2017. She was the first formal newsletter editor and helped to establish the publication process for AGLISS. She also served as one of the contributing writers for the Hack Library School representing the Catholic University of America to other library students through her posts sharing knowledge of the library field and experience at CUA.

As a careful thinker with a passion for learning, Lauren has a strong service orientation and is skilled at applying technologies for better information organization and user services. She is resourceful, trustworthy, hardworking, and has great potential for leadership. She is an asset to the library and information science profession. Lauren has nine years of cumulative experience working in libraries both academic and public. Having worked primarily in customer service roles, she has recently transitioned to an information technology role as the Assistant Systems Manager for the Fairfax County public library system. She credits her time at CUA for cultivating her interest in library systems and turning it into a career.

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